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Video Editor (TV and Digital News)                                                                  Permanent role

An exciting opportunity for a Video Editor at our News and Current Affairs global media client.

The video editor is primarily focused on the editing of raw or pre-recorded material (video, audio and graphics) into a finished product suitable for broadcast within news bulletins or online platforms.

Video editors work on creating and producing different formats. Working with material filmed on the ground, in the studio or by agencies and partners, editors are responsible for delivering to high technical and editorial standards.

Editors work with video and audio, primarily short and medium-form and mainly based on news and current affairs. For television they might edit packages or interviews or create cover for live productions. On digital platforms they may be asked to create content in different formats for social media or websites. They may also be asked to conduct basic training and to oversee the editing work of colleagues.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Confidently edit stories, videos, and newscasts to tight deadlines.
  • Edit newscast elements including packages, VOs, VOSOTs, teases and preproduction material.
  • Edit special packages and programmes with creativity, confidently utilising proprietary audio & video software.
  • Effectively collaborate with producers, reporters and managers to produce high quality stories.
  • Demonstrate effective use of visual effects and excellent story telling ability.
  • Have a keen eye for detail and a creative & visual approach to storytelling.
  • Ensure proper storage and organization of media files.
  • Maintain company standards for all edited material.
  • Contribute ideas for new videos and formats 
  • Perform any other editing duties as assigned by news managers.
  • Work varied shift hours including evenings, weekends and bank holidays.
  • Excel within a culturally and ethnically diverse staff team.

Person specification:

With experience working in an international newsroom the candidate will demonstrate a complete understanding of how news works on social media and a high level of familiarity working in different formats – square, vertical, short, mid and ultra-short video.

He or she will be creative and proactive, comfortable working on edits alone or together with a producer. Working at speed will often be necessary although feature content will require sophisticated editing techniques and a precise attention to detail.

Essential skills:

  • Be expert in common editing platforms, notably Adobe Premiere 
  • Understand how video works on different social media platforms 
  • Be able to show examples of creative and imaginative editing that would be appropriate for an international news media 
  • Be a strong team player 
  • Be comfortable working with sound and music
  • Must be able to handle and juggle multiple editing assignments under strict deadlines.
  • Knowledge of current television production techniques and workflows.
  • Able to work in a fast paced, detail-oriented environment with calm, skilled execution.


  • Able to shoot both on phone and traditional cameras
  • Have graphics editing skills, especially After Effects
  • Understand of social media platforms and video formats
  • Have experience running basic video editing training
  • Be able to write simple video scripts
  • Be able to edit audio for podcasts

Shifts required 

Salary negotiable


Adrian Thomas
07591 387332
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