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Our international news and factual client, based in West London, is looking for freelance Technical Assistants

Reporting to the Lead Technical Supervisor. This is position is a member of the studio craft team supporting the technical and production floor staff for the smooth and efficient operation of the studios. This role carries out its duties under the daily supervision and guidance of the Technical Supervisor, assisting where required.


  • Responsible for turning around set pieces in studios. This includes looking ahead and pre-empting when these turnarounds need to happen before the program is live on air.
  • Directing any set turn arounds where other departments are involved and ensuring this happens in a safe, effective manner.
  • Assisting the floor managers, including the placement of presenter and guest seats and stools during programs and any other props that are required.
  • Assisting with the safe movement of cameras in the studios, feeding and managing camera cables.
  • Rigging and de-rigging and fine setting of studio fixtures under the guidance of the Lighting Director(s) and Lighting tech ops.
  • Patching of cameras, autocues and touchscreen fibers. Performing technical checks of camera channels to ensure that all cameras have correct production numbers, returns, tallies and autocue feeds.
  • Assisting with the technical preparation and checks of the PCRs and Studios, including the switching of in vision monitors and other relevant feeds.
  • Undertake and document daily and weekly checks of technical operational areas and other workplace spaces as required.
  • To help ensure that the presenter’s radio and IFB packs are plugged and unplugged when they arrive and leave the set to minimise the wear and tear and breakages of the equipment.
  • To identify faults and damage in equipment and set pieces under his/her charge, recognising and reporting poor quality to team members, department heads as appropriate.
  • Responsible for the organisation and up keep of the studio props store, ensuring that it’s tidy and organised at all times.
  • Maintaining a well organised studio floor, ensuring that set items, monitors etc are in their correct stowage positions away from walkways and studio entrances.
  • Helping with the maintenance of studio equipment, including technical cleaning if required.
  • Assisting with keeping the Sharepoint studio diary up to date, working with the weekly TX schedule to update it if necessary.
  • Undertaking studio administration, including producing user guides, creating and updating technical spec and data sheets, studio project paperwork and ordering authorised studio purchases.
  • To help acquire props and onscreen items for programs, including the purchasing of consumables.
  • To source and research new equipment and accessories under the guidance of senior studio staff.
  • Responsible for checking stock levels of consumables including studio tapes, lighting gels and cleaning products.
  • To deal tactfully with artists and talent, passing on significant problems to team members and the department supervisor.
  • To assist in meeting studio requirements in association with staff and managers from other operational disciplines.
  • Implementing new technical requirements in association with staff from other operational disciplines.
  • To maintain and develop operational and technical standards.
  • To ensure that the provisions of the Health & Safety at Work Act and other workplace legislation are observed in the studio, ensuring that all relevant safe systems of work are properly applied.
  • Creating and updating Safe Systems of Work relevant to the role as required.
  • Once trained and authorised, Toolbox training staff and freelancers in new and updated Safe Systems of Works.
  • Effective handover of technical or production changes on shift, ensuring that all relevant team members are properly briefed.





  • Must have some relevant work experience in a studio or live production environment such as theatre, TV, or corporate events production).
  • Must have an enthusiasm for studio broadcast technology with a willingness to learn more about the studio technical crafts.
  • Must be adaptable, being able to respond to last minute schedule changes.
  • Knowledge of office 365 with proficiency in word, excel and outlook. An understanding of Sharepoint and teams is also beneficial.
  • Is proactive in asking for assistance from other roles if unsure about the correct course of action.
  • Needs to demonstrate that they’re able to help and guide other crew members effectively, especially freelance crew who aren’t as familiar with day to day studio operations.
  • To be aware of the Health and Safety at Work Act and any other workplace related legislation.
  • Must be able to learn quickly on the job, proficiently understanding the fundamentals of any provided training, such as working at height, safe use of ladders and manual handling. They must also be able to pass this knowledge on in the form of tool box talks once they’ve received the necessary training.
  • Will be required to work different shift patterns as needed, including overnights.
  • Must be physically able to move different sizes of set pieces in accordance with safe studio working practices.
  • Ability to work under pressure and on own initiative, often to tight deadlines.
  • High level of communication. The ability to collaborate, influence and communicate effectively with all members of the production team including reassuring on screen presenters, having an enthusiasm for working as part of a team.
  • Has the ability to think laterally to solve problems.
  • Able to contribute to the development of a common vision, putting their point of view across succinctly.
  • Ability to react rapidly to changing circumstances, maintaining personal effectiveness by managing emotions in the face of pressure, setbacks or when dealing with provocative situations.
  • Able to transform creative ideas into practical reality. Can look at existing situations and problems and solve and/or develop them.
  • Highly effective team player, able to build and maintain working relationships with a range of people.

This role is shift work

10hr shifts over 24hrs 7 days a week as rostered

Adrian Thomas
07591 387332
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