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Producer News - Multi-Platform (TV and Digital)                             

This is initially a one year fixed term contract with full benefits

As a key member of the output team at our International News client you will be required to identify, research and produce news stories in video or text. Writing, video editing and gathering voices as well as creating social media posts will all be required as part of the role. 

You will be expected to bring the full extent of your experience and knowledge to bear on the role to the benefit of the entire team. Your expertise in specific areas – such as video editing, copy writing, script writing, audio, social media, reporting or news planning may mean you are expected to work on various projects at any time.


Job objectives:  

  • Produce daily multimedia news or feature content for the company TV, digital and across various social media platforms.
  • Adhere to editorial policies, while producing content that is creative and engaging for a global audience.
  • Produce copy and content and be part of strict approvals process from content creation to copy editing and final approval before publishing.
  • Keep on top of trending stories and contribute ideas to improve coverage on a given topic or event.
  • Perform Facebook Lives or pieces to camera and interview guests either live or as part of a pre-prepared package.
  • Identify the best formats for telling a story and make use of them according to deadlines and priorities.
  • Demonstrate strong knowledge and proficiency in the latest digital technology and systems across websites and social media platforms.
  • Thrive under pressure, and be prepared to adapt as circumstances change.
  • Be able to work irregular hours and an extended schedule as the news cycle demands.
  • Excel at work within a culturally and ethnically diverse staff.


Person specification:

Confident working in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment, the candidate will be able to operate proactively individually or as part of a team.

They will be full of creative ideas – both story subjects and presentation formats and always willing to experiment. At the same time, bringing accuracy and attention to detail to everything they do.



  • Degree in Journalism, Communications or related field or equivalent experience
  • 2+ years’ experience in digital journalism, preferably with an international broadcaster.
  • Extensive knowledge of current events, culture, sport, fashion and/or geopolitics and international relations, especially Europe & Asia
  • Video editing, script and clean, accurate article writing
  • Understanding of social media both as a source and an output platform
  • Awareness of journalism ethics and legal principles
  • Ability to form contacts and use them to discover and inform story reporting


  • International languages
  • Use of digital analytics tools
  • Knowledge of television production platforms
  • Specialist areas of expertise in the news, business or science space
  • Strong presence on social media
  • Ability to present on camera
  • Experience filming, especially in mobile journalism


Adrian Thomas
07591 387332
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